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One-Week Stand #475 - Strawberries Are Growing In My Garden (And It's Wintertime)One-Week Stand #475 - Strawberries Are Growing In My Garden (And It's Wintertime)

One-Week Stand is a sort of a micro-podcast initiated by Coline Llobet, Lucie Robet, Laurent Orseau, David Mennessier, Alex Gwinnett and Nathalie Papillon: every week, Coline, Lucie, Nathalie, David, Alex, and Laurent choose six songs and invite a friend to pick a seventh one. This week, Natasha Penot from Grisbi.

- The Dentists "Strawberries Are Growing In My Garden (And It's Wintertime)"
by our guest Natasha Penot from Grisbi
- The Weather Prophets "Worm In My Brain"
by Lucie
- McCarthy "Governing Takes Brains"
by Laurent
- Clinic "Porno"
by Nathalie
- Shack "John Kline"
by David
- Teenage Fanclub "Star Sign"
by Alex
- Movie Star Junkies "Dead Love Rag"
by Coline

photo by Christy Romanick
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