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One-Off Stand #35 - Halfway Through 2022One-Off Stand #35 - Halfway Through 2022

One-Off Stand is a sort of a micro-podcast initiated by The One-Week Stand Team: they use One-Off Stand as a special edition whenever needed. This time: Halfway Through 2022.

# by Alex
- Kurt Vile "Like Exploding Stones"
- Immanuel Wilkins "Don't Break"
- Sault "Solar"
- Keeley Forsyth "I Stand Alone"
- William Basinski & Janek Schaefer "... on reflection (two)"
# by Clément
- Leonie Pernet "Mon amour tu bois trop"
- La sécurité "Suspens"
- Beatrice Deer "Cannibal"
- Ami Yerewolo "Je gère"
- Duu "Arboretum"
# by Coline
- Rien Virgule "La Consolation Des Violettes"
- Mary Halvorson's Code Girl "Bigger Flames"
- Alabaster dePlume "Mrs Calamari"
- Shabaka "Black Meditation"
- Angel Olsen and Hand Habits "Walls (Tom Petty Cover)"
# by David
- Jimmy Smack "Anguish"
- LEM "Noir"
- Arlt "Le renard"
- Eric Chenaux "Hold The Line"
- Alabaster dePlume "Broken Like"
# by Laurent
- Chris Imler "Operation Schönheit"
- Orphan Fairytale "Glacial Meltwater"
- Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band "Pretty Child"
- Spiritualized "Best Thing You Never Had (The D Song)"
- Claude Cooper "Bloom Fields"
# by Lucie
- Cosmo Vitelli "How Is It to Be You? (feat. Truss de Groot)"
- Cate Le Bon "Remembering Me"
- Fontaines D.C. "I Love You"
- Kae Tempest "Salt Coast"
- C Duncan "Bell Toll"

Illustration: Coline Llobet
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