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One-(Week/Month) StandOne-(Week/Month) Stand

One-(Week/Month) Stand is a sort of a micro-podcast initiated by Anne-Lise Remacle, Nathalie Papillon, Thibaut Geib, Pascal Vermeulen and Laurent Orseau: every week, The OWS team choose three songs and invite a friend to pick a fourth one, every month, They choose a word/topic and pick twelve songs.


One-Week Stand #303 - Leaving Home
- Yo La Tengo "Leaving Home"
by our guest Blaise Harrison
- Sonic Youth "Escapades"
by Gaëtan
- William Tyler "We Can't Go Home Again"
by Alex
- Aerial M "Dazed and Awake"
by David
- Mick Turner "Long Way Home"
by Laurent

photo by Christy Romanick


One-Week Stand #302 - The Sailor Song
- The Married Monk "The Sailor Song"
by our guest Lucie Robet
- Smog "Real Live Dress"
by Nathalie
- Arab Strap "The Night Before The Funeral"
by David
- Psychic Ills "Incense Head"
by Gaëtan
- Neutral Milk Hotel "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea"
by Laurent
- Matt Sweeney & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy "My Home Is The Sea"
by Alex

photo by Christy Romanick


One-Off Stand #24 - Halfway Through 2019
# by Alex
- Julia Kent "Through The Window"
- Jessica Pratt "This Time Around"
- Fennesz "We Trigger the Sun"
- Big Thief "Strange"
- William Tyler "Fail Safe"
# by David
- Mohamed Mazouni "L'amour Mâak"
- MSYLMA "Li-Kul-i Murad-in Hijaa"
- Léonore Boulanger "Rouler sa tête La montagne"
- Pharoah Chromium "Une photographie à deux dimensions..."
- Ivor Cutler "There's A Hole In My Head"
# by Gaëtan
- Élg "The Particles"
- Le fruit vert "Canto de Iemanja"
- Matt Clark "Impossible Lows"
- Tout Bleu "Stolen Secrets"
- Ellen Arkbro "Mountain of Air"
# by Laurent
- Marissa Nadler & Stephen Brodsky "Estranged"
- Bobby Would "Vicious"
- Fontaines D.C. "Hurricane Laughter"
- Sosena Gebre Eyesus "ድንግል ስልሽ - Denegil Selesh"
- Angel Bat Dawid "What Shall I Tell My Children Who Are Black (Dr. Margaret Burroughs)"
# by Nathalie
- Antonin De Bemels "Totem"
- Samuel Kerridge & Taylor Burch "Transmission 1"
- Alex Zhang Hungtai "This Is Not My Country"
- BOP "Untitled Pattern 66"
- Kevin Richard Martin "Bad Dream"

photo by Laurent Orseau


One-Week Stand #301 - Hi Babe
- Ngozi Family "Hi Babe"
by our guest Richard Youngs
- Witch "Off Ma Boots"
by Gaëtan
- Destroy All Monsters "Bored"
by Laurent
- Wild Billy Childish & CTMF "By The Way Of Love And Hate"
by Alex
- Dirty Beaches "I Dream In Neon"
by Nathalie
- Stark Reality "Junkman's Song"
by David

photo by Christy Romanick


One-Week Stand #300 - Catapult
- Peter Jefferies "Catapult"
by our guest Johan Loones (DJ Klakke) from Knotwilg
- The Clean "In The Back"
by Gaëtan
- Sebadoh "Scars, Four Eyes"
by Alex
- Greenfield Leisure "L'Orange"
by David
- 39 Clocks "Heat of Violence"
by Laurent
- Blown Again "The Escape of Space Twelve"
by Nathalie

photo by Christy Romanick
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