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- sold outhinah024 - The Tami Show "Grind My Nails"

hinah024 - The Tami Show

"Grind My Nails"

Last year, Tami Means sent us her debut album, which began with a cover of Elizabeth Cotten's "Freight Train" -- a song that Peace Harbor had already covered on the big "Voices From The Light" EP that we released (incidentally, we very much recommend Elizabeth Cotten's own recordings). That was a very good beginning! And the remainder of the album was quite as charming, slow slender folk music led by an intimate, softly deep voice. On this new recording, Tami's music remains mostly folky, but with what is now her regular band, she gives way to more tender, latin, and even jazzy moments.

hinah024 - The Tami Show "Grind My Nails"
"18th Street-somewhere between Mission and Valencia.
Or dreaming on the passenger side-Texas to CA.
How did the song go? Promised land or end of the line?
We recorded this live in an apartment in San Francisco.
Luis played trumpet into a sink, swapping shots of tequila with guitarist Todd Gleason. Matt Stromberg on drums, kit stripped down to almost nothing, rumored to be sane.
Tami sang played recorded arranged organized worked her ass off.
I leaned against a mattress propped against the wall, played harp and tried my best to stay sober throughout the proceedings.
Some slight overdubs, and the last two selections from a different evening- a birthday party for our dear friend K.-
same apartment, same Mission District.
Todd on vocals but sans Matt, who must have been out somewhere getting drunk, though surely keeping his cool.
Final mixes for both sessions were experimented with and alchemically transmuted in the labs at Sisyphus Sound by Tami, Colin, and Jordan.
The songs on the first session are originals, written by Tami's brother Craig Means and arranged by Tami in her own inimitable style, her blue melodies rising counterpoint to Craig's fierce lyrical attack.
(One tune, "And Besides," was co-written by the two.)
The songs from the second session are covers. California to Texas.
Views from above."
- Tony Watts

Recording info

- Tracks -
1. Grind My Nails
2. Bender
3. And Besides
4. Grind My Nails (reprise)
5. The Red Tail Hawk
6. To Live's To Fly
7. Grind My Nails reprise (early take featuring the song's writer Craig Means)

All songs by Craig Means except "And Besides" by Tami Means and Craig Means, "The Red Tail Hawk" by George Schroder, and "To Live's To Fly" by Townes Van Zandt.

- Musicians -
Tami Means: vocals, guitar, bells
Tony Watts: harmonica
Luis Moran: trumpet
Todd Gleason: vocals, guitar
Matt Stromberg: drums

Produced, arranged, and recorded by Tami Means.
Engineered and mixed by Colin Fairbairn and Jordan Tag at Sisyphus Sound in San Francisco, CA.

Special thanks to Kathryn for all that she does.

- Artwork -
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