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- sold outhinah020 - Barzin "Songs for hinah"

hinah020 - Barzin

"Songs for hinah"

On its eponymous debut album, the quiet ethereal music of Canada's Barzin blends warm folk music à la Mojave 3 with the sweetness of Spain and much colder atmospheres à la Low and Mazzy Star.

hinah020 - Barzin "Songs for hinah"
"If it were not for the generosity of hinah (Eloïse & Laurent) these songs would not have been recorded. This was a wonderful opportunity to record this collection of songs that otherwise would not have seen the light of day. So a big thanks goes out to Hinah for allowing these songs to be born.
As a result of this recording, a new musical relationship was formed with two very talented musicians. Chris Stringer and Jonathan Relph are part of a great band by the name of Junetile. They lent a great deal of their time and energy to help with these songs.
And lastly, a big tip of the hat to Suzanne Hancock, Tony Dekker, and Lewis Melville for always bringing their wonderful artistry to the music."
- Barzin

Recording info

- Tracks -
1. Sometimes The Night...
2. Just More Drugs
3. Clear Saturday
4. A Boy With His Heart
5. My Green Autumn
6. Leaving Behind A Good Thing
7. The Dream Song
8. Heart Strings
9. Thinking Out Loud

All songs written by Barzin except "The boy with his heart" by Suzanne Hancock and "Heart strings" by Tony Dekker.

- Place -
These songs were recorded at various locations in Toronto.
Most of the songs were recorded and mixed by King Kong Girio and Barzin except "A Boy With His Heart" recorded and mixed by Lewis Melville
"Just More Drugs" recorded and mixed by Chris Stringer.
The album was mastered by King Kong Girio.

- Musicians -
All instruments performed by Barzin except:
"Heart Strings" Tony Dekker on saw
"Just More Drugs" arranged and performed by Chris Stringer
"A Boy With His Heart" Suzanne Hancock on vocals and Lewis Melville on Pedal steel
"Thinking Out Loud" Jonathan Relph on Keyboard and samples

- Artwork -
Pochette par Iker Spozio
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