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- sold outhinah011 - The Potomac Accord "Six Live Plus Two"

hinah011 - The Potomac Accord

"Six Live Plus Two"

The Potomac Accord's first album sat in our letterbox when we came back from holidays in 2001, it was mid-September... It soon became the perfect album to match our state of mind, which was by no means cheerful. The band's tracks were long, stretching, starting again after a short break, with swirling loops of piano, until now and then it burst out into an anger that could no longer be repressed. So we were overwhelmed by this band from St. Louis, and it's a great pleasure for us to discover live versions of these tracks.

hinah011 - The Potomac Accord "Six Live Plus Two"
"Recorded over the course of about one year, from July 2001 to October 2002, where people faded and new people came into existence... One person's absence is now our growth two more times. Now it is Michael and Samantha who take up the bass and violin and enrich our lives all the more because of their very being. Most of this was recorded in the hot stagnant summer in St. Louis, and there is a track from what appeared to be an old warehouse the size of an airplane hangar in Tulsa Oklahoma. There in Tulsa we actually visited a place called the center of the universe where if you stood in one location on the ground, about the size of a soccer ball and just spoke, your voice echoed for what seemed like miles through the sky. Those are the moments that are forever remembered, along with meeting so many wonderful people, driving across the open Texas sky at sunset, seeing the Rocky mountains, visiting old friends who have moved away to various cities, just playing and listening to music together, and finally the very idea that you hold this in your hand... We'd like to know what your home is like, what kind of music it is that you play, or anything else that you might like to share... So we sleep while day after the world is still waiting to be changed... Take care of yourselves, and each other..."
- The Potomac Accord

Recording info

- Venue -
1. The Way Out Club - St. Louis, Missouri USA - July 18, 2001
2-5. The Galaxy - St. Louis, Missouri USA - July 3, 2002
6. Curly's at The East End - Tulsa, Oklahoma USA - October 5, 2002
7. Remixed by Steve Kozik in his bedroom, St. Louis Missouri USA - November 2001
8. Recorded January 27, 2001 as a soundcheck prior to recording "Silver Line On A Black Sea" in St. Louis

- Tracks -
1. To Portland, Maine
2. Of Plagiarism And Flattery
3. Mail From The Queen Of The West Lawrence Social Alliance
4. A Quiet White Cut By The Longest Blue Shadows
5. The Field Song
6. When I'm Gone This Will All Be Yours
7. To Portland Maine (remix)
8. For Mike Schultz

Written & recorded by The Potomac Accord

- Musicians -
Andrew, Jerry, Michael, Samantha are The Potomac Accord
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