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hinah002 - Doug Hoekstra

Doug Hoekstra cites his main references as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Van Morrison and The Kinks and on listening to his work, you can believe him. The adopted Nashvillian has taken the influences of the songs and rhythms of folk/country/pop and the results, while remaining loyal to the musical main line are highly personal creations; the songs which lean on Doug's sweet and delicate voice (helped by feminine backing vocals) whisper the ordinary stories of everyday life.

hinah002 - Doug Hoekstra ""
"Many of the journalists, dee-jays, promoters, musicians, and record shop owners I meet in my travels, are kindred spirits who are in this game as much for the love of the music as for any money they might make. One such
individual is my friend Sal Leanhart, who with his wife Marcia, run a great independent record shop in Iowa City called Sal's Music Emporium. Sal has
been a supporter for years and we always talked about doing an in-store show, but our schedules never quite coincided, until this past September. We recorded the show and as we commented later, the mojo was there! Thanx, Sal - this is for you and all my  friends out on the musical margins!"
- Doug Hoekstra

Recording info

- Venue -
Sal's Music Emporium (Iowa City, IA) - September 9th, 2000

- Tracks -
1. Sam Cooke Sang the Gospel
2. Celebrate the Trance
3. Stolen Gun
4. Here and Now
5. Atticus
6. Desdemona
7. Standing Still
8. Birmingham Jail
9. Rose on the Dashboard

Words and Music: Doug Hoekstra, except "Standing Still" by Kat Parsons

- Musicians -
Doug Hoekstra: acoustic guitar, lead vocals, harmonica
Pat Meusel: baritone guitar, backing vocals
Kat Parsons: backing vocals and lead vocals (on Standing Still)
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