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hinahgift026 - Fulton Lights "hinah session"

hinahgift026 - Fulton Lights

"hinah session"

We discovered Andrew Goldman's music a few years ago, at the time of his folk, melodic project Maestro Echoplex. After playing for a while under the name John Guilt, Andrew started a new project named Fulton Lights, which has just released its second album "The Way We Ride" and its heavier and more distorted atmospheres and tempos. As Andrew was on solo tour in Europe, we invited him over for a session that was meant to be electric but ended up being acoustic after the amp of our friend Eric decided to break down at the last minute. So here is a chance to discover Fulton Lights in its most stripped-down version!

hinahgift026 - Fulton Lights "hinah session"
"There are some times when playing a show that things go wrong, and it ends up being a disaster. And then there are times when playing a show when things go wrong and it ends up being a tiny blessing, or at the very least a chance to demonstrate some flexibility and agility, to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. My show at hinah hq Deutschland wasn't originally going to be an all-acoustic session played on a classical guitar, but then again the original plan didn't have the amplifier shorting out before I even had a chance to test it out. But you know what? This show in Laurent and Eloïse's cozy living room, played to fifteen or so new fans and new friends, may have been among the warmest, most memorable shows that I've ever played. You can't ask for a better audience, attentive and responsive, and I was happy that at least some of the songs that I played hold up ok when stripped naked, minus the beats and the noise. Not to mention that this was the first and probably last time that I had ever played "Fire in the Palm of My Hand" or "Breathe In, Breathe Out" or "Autumn Anthem" on a Yamaha Portasound and a child's toy keyboard, both with their funny synth settings and their teeny-tiny keys too small for my fingers. Here's to foreign travels and foreign instruments. Every day brings something new.
- Andy/Fulton Lights

Downloadable mp3s
1 - "Pen and Paper"
00:03:36 / 3.29 MB
2 - "I Wish I Was the Moon"
00:03:59 / 3.65 MB
3 - "Last Night I Saw God on the Dance Floor"
00:04:08 / 3.78 MB
4 - "Fire in the Palm of My Hand"
00:04:45 / 4.35 MB
5 - "Monsters We've Built"
00:05:02 / 4.60 MB
6 - "The Way We Ride"
00:03:45 / 3.43 MB
7 - "Sideways Glances and Coded Speech"
00:04:03 / 3.70 MB
8 - "Glass, Concrete and Stone"
00:02:26 / 2.22 MB
9 - "I Love Your Point of View"
00:02:53 / 2.64 MB
10 - "Rest"
00:05:06 / 4.67 MB
11 - "Breathe In, Breathe Out"
00:04:44 / 4.34 MB
12 - "Autumn Anthem"
00:04:54 / 4.49 MB

Recording info
- Lyrics and music by Andrew Goldman except "I Wish I Was the Moon" by Neko Case, "Last Night I Saw God on the Dance Floor" by John Lindenbaum (screwed with by Andrew Goldman), and "Glass, Concrete and Stone" by David Byrne
- Andrew Goldman: vocals, guitar, Portasound and Yamaha PSS-7 toy keyboard
- Recorded on 18 October 2008 at the hinah hq Deutschland by Eloïse Orseau
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