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hinahgift010 - HitchcockGoHome! "hinah session"

hinahgift010 - HitchcockGoHome!

"hinah session"

We discovered the french band HitchcockGoHome! via the website of their good friends Cyann & Ben. And we were bound to fall in love with their sound that blends old folk music (Martin Leclerc plays the banjo!) with more noisy sounds (they are also fans of post-rock band like Godspeed You Black Emperor!). So after long hours of talking about music with them, it was more than normal for us to invite HGH for a hinah session!

hinahgift010 - HitchcockGoHome! "hinah session"
"hinah pick beautiful blossoms in the musical and visual arts field, the kind of little flowers we too often tend to pass by without even noticing them, crushed and hidden that they are under the heavy foot of music and design industries. hinah's choices are always offered with a sharing spirit, with no motive or agenda, let alone bad taste.
Once familiar with their website, one will quickly find it indispensable to visit it every week at least. But as one can guess, even more enjoyable is the visit of their headquarters. Needless too say, HitchcockGoHome! could not have missed the opportunity to pop by... Indeed, beside the goldmine that is éloise and Laurent's record collection, the hinah headquarters is brimful with many other treasures: an almost complete range of the infamous "les 2 marmottes" herbal teas, more Kinder chocolate egg surprise toys than you can shake a stick at, a Polaroid camera with strange supernatural powers, and a thorough gathering of the very best you can find in underground publishing, in all shapes and styles.

Respectively represented by Martin and Laurent, HGH and hinah first met in the flesh at la Guinguette Pirate in Paris in early 2003 (Cyann & Ben + Bonnie 'Prince' Billy gig), after a couple of e-mails were exchanged. Laurent had noticed and loved HitchcockGoHome! gig posters drawn by Martin. The latter thus drew a couple more pictures for the website under his artist pseudo, Mael. Then, Laurent took pictures of the band when they played at the Nouveau Casino in May 2003. Be it on comics, music or photography, HGH and hinah have ever since remained on the same wavelength. Maybe this understanding is to blame on a shared taste for banjos. And so, one fine day at the eve of summer '04, the idea of a hinah session by HGH crept up...

What Laurent and Eloise did not expect was for the band to turn up in full force, all 5 with instruments, some of which not even acoustic, for a session that was nicely cosy, and a little bit wonky, making for a memorable summer night doused in -as legend has it- "les 2 Marmottes" herbal tea..."
- HitchcockGoHome!

Downloable mp3s
1 - "Night Falls"
00:07:24 / 6.78 MB
2 - "The Unexpected Winter"
00:03:23 / 3.10 MB
3 - "End of Me"
00:04:42 / 4.32 MB
4 - "What Have We Done"
00:04:40 / 4.28 MB
5 - "How To Stop It Now"
00:02:04 / 1.89 MB

Recording info
- Songs by HitchcockGoHome!
- Musicians
Martin Leclerc: guitar, banjo, vocal
Fanny de Prémorel: bass, vocal
Guillaume Roche: guitar
Sylvain Taboury: guitar
Jean-Christophe: percussions
- Recorded on June 27, 2004 at hinah hq by éloïse Stéclebout
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