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hinahgift006 - Half Asleep "Live"

hinahgift006 - Half Asleep


For their third gig, and thanks to Fred Paquet from Intercontinental Records, Valérie Leclercq and her very young sister from Half Asleep were happy to come to Paris. So were we, because we couldn't wait to find out whether their performance would touch us as much as their cd. And it did -- now we love their music even more!

hinahgift006 - Half Asleep "Live"
"Pop In, 2003 October the 1st. Half asleep is invited (thanks Fred!) to come spread its stuff on the tiny Pop In stage. Great news for us (+ sounded like a good trip to me). So we hit the road, ate in the car, and then almost crashed into some silly trucks (monsters of the road, yeah). Of course we were late, as always.
-Paris? They say here in Belgium with twinkles in their eyes. (hey! I say: nothing to do with the "Olympia" or "Bercy", you know those huge places where billions of people stare at a huge star dancing on a huge stage). Mmmm... nothing to do with that, that's for sure. But still Paris is great. And sometimes greater than great. Actually, that's what happened that special 'Pop In' night: greater than great. Great place, great people. We played with Pollyanna (and with a nice guy who didn't tell his name... Matthew maybe? Don't know). The audience was listening silently. Eight songs and that was it. Silently... Oh! So thanks to all those who came to see the show. Our third show ever: nothing we wish to forget... and there were flowers, and there was fog, didn't check if the moon was up there... I guess it was... (sorry for my English)"
- Valérie Leclercq

downloadable mp3s
1 - "It's Time To Stay"
00:03:55 / 3.68 MB
2 - "Yellow Neck"
00:05:54 / 5.53 MB
3 - "Bare Feet"
00:05:54 / 5.53 MB
4 - "Doors On Breakwaters"
00:03:46 / 3.53 MB

recording info
- all songs by Valérie Leclercq
- musicians
Valérie Leclercq: vocals, guitar
Oriane Leclercq: vocals, guitar, bass, drums
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