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hinahgift003 - Kenyon "hinah session"

hinahgift003 - Kenyon

"hinah session"

Pierre Laplace (singer from Vera Clouzot) came to Paris for a gig as Kenyon -- his new project -- with his young friend Ambroise. Although Pierre behaved like a kid, stayed out most of the night and hardly slept a wink, we fell on him as soon as he woke up and forced him to play a short acoustic session, among which these two intimate folk songs.

hinahgift003 - Kenyon "hinah session"
"Sunday morning, December 2002. Eloïse and Laurent's place. Still numb from lack of sleep (my friend Ambroise and I have spent most of the night walking around in Paris), we wake up to find out that the infamous, multi-millionaire hinah moguls want us to do an impromptu musical session, and worse still, that they want to take pictures of us. What a bunch of predators, we mumble to ourselves, unpacking our instruments. Then we play a couple of songs, some of them sounding awful, one or two sounding OK. "Storms" is a new song and features Ambroise on tablas, "Haunted" is a solo and acoustic version of my album's opening track. I don't really like talking about my own music, so please listen out of curiosity, and check out those pictures of Ambroise and I: they will reconcile you with mankind and make you want to run naked in the street out of joy and gratefulness."
- Pierre Laplace

Downloadable mp3s
1 - "Haunted"
00:03:02 / 2.77 Mb
2 - "Storms"
00:02:39 / 2.42 Mb

Recording info
- all songs by Pierre Laplace
- musicians
Pierre Laplace: guitar and vocals
Ambroise Yon: tablas
- recorded on December 15, 2002 at hinah hq by Eloïse Stéclebout
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