Nathan Amundson - rivulets - Cinq digressions

Nathan Amundson - rivulets

"Cinq digressions"

Avec des parrains comme Low, Nathan Amundson et son groupe nommé Rivulets devaient obligatoirement nous séduire. Un talent terrible pour des ambiances introspectives, pour créer des mélodies aux rythmes épurés et une voix à faire se cristalliser le sang.

Les cinq mots choisis par Nathan Amundson :

In slanted pink letters above racing white light bulbs overhanging a shop near where I live. When I see this I always know I'll be feeling better soon.

I own about a week's worth of clean clothing at any given time, so this one is easy to be obsessive about.

This is from a Mazzy Star song. I don't know if it means anything these days which is probably part of its appeal. It's just sort of light and empty and nice to say.

I loathe this word. It's cold and smacks of 'business' to me. People use it interchangeably with 'connect' when it couldn't be less inviting.

As fun to say as it is to sing. Probably because it is mostly vowels. It can carry so much weight or mean next to nothing at all.

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