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hinahgift020 - HitchcockGoHome! "hinah session - 2"

hinahgift020 - HitchcockGoHome!

"hinah session - 2"

Three years ago, we recorded in our Parisian flat the first hinah session of HitchcockGoHome! with the whole band. Since then, there have been quite a few changes, with Martin Leclerc living in Grenoble and us in Frankfurt. As luck would have it, the three of us were in Paris in September and we took the opportunity to ask Martin to grab his banjo and play a few new songs from the band. The full-sized version of these songs will be on HitchcockGoHome's second album forthcoming on Drunk Dog Records in 2008.

hinahgift020 - HitchcockGoHome! "hinah session - 2"
"One Sunday in September, the band got together again after a three-month break. It was one of these electric, impatient, slightly coy rehearsals, which one enters with a combination of excitement and restraint, for fear of creasing the songs as one unpacks them...
The next day, Erwan was acting as a go-between for another get-together, this time with Laurent and Eloïse, at the Waterhouse Records headquarters, i.e. in his flat in the attic where anything can happen, including having a small microphone point at the banjo I always carry around when I come to Paris.
So off we go for an impromptu hinah session to celebrate the occasion; alone with my banjo, I feel naked, with a toneless voice, feverish, trying to get my breath back and remember the lyrics. After a few false starts, the songs are back, except that the minidisc does not seem willing to record them. We start again in no time, and much to my surprise it is easier after that failed attempt. There are still a few wrong notes here and there, but after all I think it sounds nicer that way."
- Martin Leclerc

downloadable mp3s
1 - "Something You Can't Hide"
00:02:50 / 2.58 Mo
2 - "Naked In A Crowd"
00:03:45 / 3.43 Mo
3 - "Pale Or Blue"
00:01:35 / 1.45 Mo
4 - "Where You Are"
00:03:53 / 3.55 Mo

Recording info
- Lyrics and music: HitchcockGoHome!
- Vocals and banjo: Martin Leclerc
- Recorded on 24 September 2007 by Eloïse Orseau at the Waterhouse Records studio (many thanks to Erwan Broussine).
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